• New Location for SUnday Liturgy

    Canyon Del Oro Baptist Church

    9200 N. Oracle Road, Oro Valley, Arizona 85704

    (Inside Chapel Hall) See Below

  • New time

    Sunday Afternoon

    4:30PM Liturgy

  • Chapel Hall

    Chapel Hall is on the east side of Oracle Rd., just north of Calle Concordia, with ample parking. Look for signage: "King's Cross Anglican Church" 

  • Contact Us

    If you need further information or would like to get in touch, please click here or click on the Contact Us pic. We look forward to serving you. 

Instructed Eucharist

Desire to learn about our Anglican Liturgy? Watch the video below to see and hear Father Pete walk through an instructed Eucharist, to help you understand the what-why-and how of our Anglican way of worship. 




At King's Cross we are known and loved in Christian community. We are fully known and loved by Jesus who gave himself so that we may be reconciled with God and be reconciled with our neighbors. As we unite ourselves in Christ, we become a people who invest in relationships, practice hospitality, serve willingly, and invite others into this community of truth and grace.


Following Jesus is what the Christian life is all about. Here at King's Cross in Tucson we seek to grow as students walking with Christ. This is less about information and more about formation: learning through Scripture (Catechesis), through prayer, and through the sacramental presence of Jesus in our worship, the real presence that strengthens us and teaches us to lead others into the way of true Christian discipleship. 


God has a mission to to renew the creation through Jesus. We are participating in that mission only because of the faithful witness of Christ's life, death, and resurrection. And so we daily live as missionaries, being witnesses of the Gospel of Jesus in all places, being salt and light in the world. Come and join the mission that we have been given through the grace of the cross of King Jesus.