• ++Foley Beach, +Keith Andrews, Pete Forbes+

    Our Archbishop of the Anglican Church of North America, Foley Beach, our bishop, Keith Andrews, of the diocese of Western Anglicans, and Father Pete Forbes, from King's Cross Anglican Church in Oro Valley attending an annual diocesan synod in Southern California, celebrating the work of our everyday missionaries in Christ's Kingdom on earth. 

  • The Very Rev. Pete Forbes / rector of King's CRoss / Dean of Arizona

    Father Pete was ordained by Bishop William A. Thompson in the Diocese of Western Anglicans. He holds an MAT from Fuller Theological Seminary and earned a BA in religious studies from Vanguard University. He also studied Anglican Theology through Trinity School of Ministry. He and his wife, Julie, moved to Oro Valley to plant King's Cross. Pete also serves as the Dean of Arizona. You can email Fr. Pete

  • The Rev. josh rodriguez / Deacon

    Deacon Josh was ordained by Bishop Keith Andrews in the Diocese of Western Anglicans, after completing his diaconal studies at Trinity School for Ministry. Josh moved to Tucson to study at the College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona where he earned his MS in Optical Sciences. He works as an optical engineer by day. His other interests include running, cycling, hiking, rock climbing, and good coffee. You can email Deacon Josh

  • Jason caywood / Lay Missioner / Parish Council

    Jason grew up in Tucson and has been married for over 20 years to his extraordinary wife Jennifer. He currently serves Graduate students and Faculty at the University of Arizona, is a graduate of the U of A, and he also holds an MDiv from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is a licensed Lay Missioner within the Diocese of Western Anglicans. You can email Jason.

  • nawid shaeq / acolyte

    Born in Afghanistan into a Christian family and raised in India, Nawid and his family were resettled as refugees arriving in Tucson in 2021. Nawid has a passion for church history and Christian apologetics, He became a member of King's Cross and was confirmed an Anglican in 2022. He joyfully serves an acolyte each Sunday during our liturgy. 

  • seth erickson / Choir lead

    Seth and his wife, Dawn, moved to Tucson from Minnesota to pursue Seth's graduate studies in Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona. They quickly found a home at King's Cross, where they both serve on the music team. They are the proud parents of their son, Dorian. Talk to Seth at church if you would like to help with music or go out for food.

  • Carolyn Apel / safe Ministry Advocate

    Carolyn moved to Tucson with her husband Pete and their children. She is a Special Education Teacher at Pathways School and Evaluation Center. Carolyn is excited to see how the people of King's Cross keep their eyes and ears open for the movement and call of Jesus on their lives and their families. She serves King's Cross as our Safe Ministry Advocate.

  • wini Barker / parish council / tech team

    Wini lives in Tucson with her husband, Isaiah. She likes crocheting and is always up for a yarn play date. She grew up in Tucson so she's familiar with lots of fun spots for those who want to explore nature or other fun attractions. Wini currently serves as a member of the parish council and also with the tech team. 

  • sharon Bouck / parish council

    Sharon has lived in Tucson since 1987. She came to King’s Cross starting in June 2020. Sharon enjoys her three children and nine grandchildren. While serving on the parish council, she also serves as an active member and the treasurer of the Arizona Anglican Deanery. Sharon's desire is to help King’s Cross flourish and to help raise up another Anglican church in Tucson. 

  • larry day / parish council

    Larry is a native Arizonan, having grown up in Phoenix. He and Valerie, his wife of 52 years, moved to Oro Valley in the fall of 2019. They visited King’s Cross in 2020 and later became active members in the spring of 2022. Larry was confirmed as an Anglican that same year. Larry proudly serves as a fellow member of our Parish Council Team. 

  • Julie forbes / treasurer

    Julie worked in the corporate world for over 20 years. She holds a bachelors degree in engineering and a masters degree in business. She and her husband Pete+ planted King's Cross, first meeting in their living room and then eventually launching into a public sanctuary. Julie and Pete were married in 1985. They have two children and three grandchildren.