Lay Missioner

Lay Missioners, commonly called Lay Catechists, lead persons and people, forming and establishing new congregations/missional communities, all to the glory of God.

In the Anglican Church, Lay Missioners are licensed by the bishop to serve as ‘pastor-teachers’ according to their gifting to gather the members of the body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus. In the Diocese of Western Anglicans, the bishop has authorized the development and use of a training process for those who are called by God as Lay Missioners and will license those lay leaders who complete a discernment and training process to serve as Lay Missioners in the diocese. Lay Missioners will share in the gathering and mobilizing ministry that develops the church so that others may also be called, formed, equipped and sent as Jesus followers to serve His purposes in the harvest field.

on mission to Serve Students and Faculty at the University of Arizona

Jason Caywood is a Lay Missioner within the Diocese of Western Anglicans and is working with fellow Anglican students to form a community on campus called, King's Cross Anglican Community. Jason holds a Masters of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. His passion is to nurture a witnessing community of students and also Faculty members at the University of Arizona--who will have a transformative impact upon their peers and the social reality of the culture of the campus.